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Book Sections

Rossi, M., Sharma, R., Pawelski, E. and Moghe, P., 2009. Nanoparticles as biodynamic substrates for engineering cell fate. In: Rege, K. and Medintz, I., eds. Methods in Bioengineering: Nanoscale Bioengineering and Nanomedicine. Boston, MA.: Artech House, pp. 85-106.


Johns, M., Bernardes, A., Ribeiro De Azevêdo, E., Guimarães, F., Lowe, J., Gale, E., Polikarpov, I., Scott, J. and Sharma, R., 2017. On the subtle tuneability of cellulose hydrogels: implications for binding of biomolecules demonstrated for CBM 1. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5 (21), pp. 3879-3887.

Courtenay, J. C., Johns, M. A., Galembeck, F., Deneke, C., Lanzoni, E. M., Costa, C. A., Scott, J. L. and Sharma, R. I., 2017. Surface modified cellulose scaffolds for tissue engineering. Cellulose, 24 (1), pp. 253-267.

Diederich, V. E. G., Studer, P., Kern, A., Lattuada, M., Storti, G., Sharma, R.I., Snedeker, J.G. and Morbidelli, M., 2013. Bioactive polyacrylamide hydrogels with gradients in mechanical stiffness. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 110 (5), pp. 1508-1519.

Sharma, R. I., Schwarzbauer, J. E. and Moghe, P. V., 2011. Nanomaterials can dynamically steer cell responses to biological ligands. Small, 7 (2), pp. 242-251.

Bartalena, G., Grieder, R., Sharma, R. I., Zambelli, T., Muff, R. and Snedeker, J. G., 2011. A novel method for assessing adherent single-cell stiffness in tension:Design and testing of a substrate-based live cell functional imaging device. Biomedical Microdevices, 13 (2), pp. 291-301.

Sharma, R. I., Shreiber, D. I. and Moghe, P. V., 2008. Nanoscale variation of bioadhesive substrates as a tool for engineering of cell matrix assembly. Tissue Engineering Part A, 14 (7), pp. 1237-1250.

Pereira, M., Sharma, R. I., Penkala, R., Gentzel, T. A., Schwarzbauer, J. E. and Moghe, P. V., 2007. Engineered cell-adhesive nanoparticles nucleate extracellular matrix assembly. Tissue Engineering Parts A, B, & C, 13 (3), pp. 567-578.

Sharma, R. I., Pereira, M., Schwarzbauer, J. E. and Moghe, P. V., 2006. Albumin-derived nanocarriers:Substrates for enhanced cell adhesive ligand display and cell motility. Biomaterials, 27 (19), pp. 3589-3598.

Conference or Workshop Items

Coombs OBrien, J., Sharma, R. and Scott, J., 2015. Identification of Natural Materials for Tissue Engineering. In: Enabling Healthcare Technologies: Synthesis, Biomaterials and Sensing, 2015-01-28 - 2015-01-28.


Mogh, P., Sharma, R. and Pereira-Guelakis, M., 2014. Extracellular matrix production from nanoscale substrate. US 8715718, 06 May 2014.

Moghe, P. V., Sharma, R. and Pereira, M., 2008. Methods, Systems, and Compositions for Extracellular Matrix Production. A61K 8/18, A61Q 13/00, C12P 21/06, 2008.

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