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Sartbaeva, A., Wells, S., Kuznetsov, V. L. and Edwards, P. P., 2012. Hydrogen: An end-state solution for transportation? In: Inderwildi, O. and King, D., eds. Energy, Transport, & the Environment. London: Springer.

Wells, S., Sartbaeva, A., Kuznetsov, V. L. and Edwards, P. P., 2010. Hydrogen economy. In: Crabtree, R., ed. Energy Production and Storage. Chichester: Wiley.


Nearchou, A., Raithby, P. and Sartbaeva, A., 2018. Systematic approaches towards template-free synthesis of EMT-type zeolites. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 255, pp. 261-270. Item availability may be restricted.

Wells, S. A., Leung, K. M., Edwards, P. P., Tucker, M. and Sartbaeva, A., 2017. Forthcoming. Defining the flexibility window in ordered aluminosilicate zeolites. Royal Society Open Science, 4, 170757.

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Leung, K. M., Edwards, P. P., Jones, E. and Sartbaeva, A., 2015. Microwave synthesis of LTN framework zeolite with no organic structure directing agents. RSC Advances, 5 (45), pp. 35580-35585.

Ogilvie, A. D., Makepeace, J. W., Hore, K., Ramirez-Cuesta, A. J., Apperley, D. C., Mitchels, J. M., Edwards, P. P. and Sartbaeva, A., 2013. Catalyst-free synthesis of sodium amide nanoparticles encapsulated in silica gel. Advances in Chemical Physics, 427, pp. 61-65.

Sartbaeva, A., Rees, N. H., Edwards, P. P., Ramirez-Cuesta, A. J. and Barney, E., 2013. Local probes show that framework modification in zeolites occurs on ammonium exchange without calcination. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1, pp. 7415-7421.

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Seel, A., Sartbaeva, A., Mayers, J., Ramirez-Cuesta, T. and Edwards, P. P., 2011. Neutron Compton scattering investigation of sodium hydride: from bulk material to encapsulated nanoparticulates in amorphous silica gel. Journal of Chemical Physics, 134 (11), 114511.

Seel, A.G., Sartbaeva, A., Edwards, P.P. and Rammirez-Cuesta, A.J., 2010. Inelastic neutron scattering of Na-zeolite A with in situ ammoniation:An examination of initial coordination. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 (33), pp. 9661-9666.

Sartbaeva, A., Wells, S., Sommariva, M., Lodge, M. J.T., Jones, M. O., Ramirez-Cuesta, T., Lee, G. and Edwards, P. P., 2010. Formation of crystalline Sodium Hydride nanoparticles encapsulated within an amorphous framework. Journal of Cluster Science, 21, pp. 543-549.

Lei, M., De Graff, A.M.R., Thorpe, M.F., Wells, S.A. and Sartbaeva, A., 2009. Uncovering the intrinsic geometry from the atomic pair distribution function of nanomaterials. Physical Review B, 80 (2), 024118.

Božin, E.S., Billinge, S.J.L., Sartbaeva, A., Wells, S.A., Thorpe, M.F., Zheng, H., Mitchell, J.F. and Proffen, T., 2008. Structure of CaMnO3 in the range 10 K ≤ T ≤ 550 K from neutron time-of-flight total scattering. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 69 (9), pp. 2146-2150.

Sartbaeva, A., Gatta, G.D. and Wells, S.A., 2008. Flexibility window controls pressure-induced phase transition in analcime. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 83 (2), 26002.

Shatnawi, M. T. M., Farrow, C. L., Chen, P., Boolchand, P., Sartbaeva, A., Thorpe, M. F. and Billinge, S. J. L., 2008. Search for a structural response to the intermediate phase in GexSe1-x glasses. Physical Review B, 77 (9), 094134.

Sartbaeva, A., Kuznetsov, V.L., Edwards, P.P. and Wells, S.A., 2008. Hydrogen nexus in a sustainable energy future. Energy & Environmental Science, 1 (1), pp. 79-85.

Sartbaeva, A., Wells, S.A., Thorpe, M.F., Božin, E.S. and Billinge, S.J.L., 2007. Quadrupolar ordering in LaMnO3 revealed from scattering data and geometric modeling. Physical Review Letters, 99 (15), 155503.

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Sartbaeva, A., Redfern, S.A.T., Reed, S.J.B., Wells, S.A. and Hinton, R.W., 2005. Ionic diffusion in quartz studied by transport measurements, SIMS and atomistic simulations. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 17 (7), pp. 1099-1112.

Sartbaeva, A., Wells, S.A. and Redfern, S.A.T., 2004. Li+ ion motion in quartz and β-eucryptite studied by dielectric spectroscopy and atomistic simulations. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 16 (46), pp. 8173-8189.

Sartbaeva, A., Redfern, S.A.T. and Lee, W.T., 2004. A neutron diffraction and Rietveld analysis of cooperative Li motion in beta-eucryptite. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 16 (29), pp. 5267-5278.

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