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Jia, J., Qian, C., Dong, Y., Li, Y. F., Wang, H., Ghoussoub, M., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Ozin, G. A., 2017. Heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 by metal oxides:Defect engineering-perfecting imperfection. Chemical Society Reviews, 46 (15), pp. 4631-4644.

Butler, K. T., Worrall, S. D., Molloy, C. D., Hendon, C. H., Attfield, M. P., Dryfe, R. A.W. and Walsh, A., 2017. Electronic structure design for nanoporous, electrically conductive zeolitic imidazolate frameworks. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5 (31), pp. 7726-7731.

Sepehri-Amin, H., Iwama, H., Hrkac, G., Butler, K. T., Shima, T. and Hono, K., 2017. Pt surface segregation in L10-FePt nano-grains. Scripta Materialia, 135, pp. 88-91.

Plugaru, N., Nemnes, G. A., Filip, L., Pintilie, I., Pintilie, L., Butler, K. T. and Manolescu, A., 2017. Atomistic Simulations of Methylammonium Lead Halide Layers on PbTiO3 (001) Surfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (17), pp. 9096-9109.

Hendon, C. H., Butler, K. T., Ganose, A. M., Román-Leshkov, Y., Scanlon, D. O., Ozin, G. A. and Walsh, A., 2017. Electroactive nanoporous metal oxides and chalcogenides by chemical design. Chemistry of Materials, 29 (8), pp. 3663-3670.

Kumagai, Y., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Oba, F., 2017. Theory of ionization potentials of nonmetallic solids. Physical Review B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 95 (12), 125309.

Butler, K. T., Dringoli, B. J., Zhou, L., Rao, P. M., Walsh, A. and Titova, L. V., 2016. Ultrafast carrier dynamics in BiVO4 thin film photoanode material:interplay between free carriers, trapped carriers and low-frequency lattice vibrations. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (47), pp. 18516-18523.

Hendon, C. H., Hunt, S. T., Milina, M., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Román-Leshkov, Y., 2016. Realistic surface descriptions of heterometallic interfaces:the case of TiWC coated in noble metals. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 (22), pp. 4475-4482.

Butler, K. T., Svane, K., Kieslich, G., Cheetham, A. K. and Walsh, A., 2016. Microscopic origin of entropy-driven polymorphism in hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite materials. Physical Review B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 94 (18), 180103.

Butler, K. T., Walsh, A., Cheetham, A. K. and Kieslich, G., 2016. Organised chaos:Entropy in hybrid inorganic-organic systems and other materials. Chemical Science, 7 (10), pp. 6316-6324.

Wahila, M. J., Butler, K. T., Lebens-Higgins, Z. W., Hendon, C. H., Nandur, A. S., Treharne, R. E., Quackenbush, N. F., Sallis, S., Mason, K., Paik, H., Schlom, D. G., Woicik, J. C., Guo, J., Arena, D. A., White, B. E., Watson, G. W., Walsh, A. and Piper, L. F. J., 2016. Lone-pair stabilization in transparent amorphous tin oxides:a potential route to p-type conduction pathways. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (13), pp. 4706-4713.

Ganose, A. M., Cuff, M., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Scanlon, D. O., 2016. Interplay of orbital and relativistic effects in bismuth oxyhalides:BiOF, BiOCl, BiOBr, and BiOI. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (7), pp. 1980-1984.

Caetano, C., Butler, K. T. and Walsh, A., 2016. Analysis of electrostatic stability and ordering in quaternary perovskite solid solutions. Physical Review B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 93 (14), 144205.

Uman, E., Colonna-Dashwood, M., Colonna-Dashwood, L., Perger, M., Klatt, C., Leighton, S., Miller, B., Butler, K. T., Melot, B. C., Speirs, R. W. and Hendon, C. H., 2016. The effect of bean origin and temperature on grinding roasted coffee. Scientific Reports, 6, 24483.

Butler, K. T., McKechnie, S., Azarhoosh, P., Van Schilfgaarde, M., Scanlon, D. O. and Walsh, A., 2016. Quasi-particle electronic band structure and alignment of the V-VI-VII semiconductors SbSI, SbSBr, and SbSeI for solar cells. Applied Physics Letters, 108 (11), 112103.

Ganose, A. M., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Scanlon, D. O., 2016. Relativistic electronic structure and band alignment of BiSI and BiSeI:candidate photovoltaic materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (6), pp. 2060-2068.

Kieslich, G., Forse, A. C., Sun, S., Butler, K. T., Kumagai, S., Wu, Y., Warren, M. R., Walsh, A., Grey, C. P. and Cheetham, A. K., 2016. Role of amine-cavity interactions in determining the structure and mechanical properties of the ferroelectric hybrid perovskite [NH3NH2]Zn(HCOO)3. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (1), pp. 312-317.

Butler, K. T., Crespo-Otero, R., Buckeridge, J., Scanlon, D. O., Bovill, E., Lidzey, D. and Walsh, A., 2015. Band energy control of molybdenum oxide by surface hydration. Applied Physics Letters, 107 (23), 231605.

Kieslich, G., Kumagai, S., Butler, K. T., Okamura, T., Hendon, C. H., Sun, S., Yamashita, M., Walsh, A. and Cheetham, A. K., 2015. Role of entropic effects in controlling the polymorphism in formate ABX3 metal-organic frameworks. Chemical Communications, 51 (85), pp. 15538-15541.

Isherwood, P. J. M., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Walls, J. M., 2015. A tunable amorphous p-type ternary oxide system:the highly mismatched alloy of copper tin oxide. Journal of Applied Physics, 118 (10), 105702.

Hendon, C. H., Wittering, K. E., Chen, T. H., Kaveevivitchai, W., Popov, I., Butler, K. T., Wilson, C. C., Cruickshank, D. L., Miljanić, O. S. and Walsh, A., 2015. Absorbate-induced piezochromism in a porous molecular crystal. Nano Letters, 15 (3), pp. 2149-2154.

Kim, C.-e., Tak, Y.-j., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Soon, A., 2015. Lattice-mismatched heteroepitaxy of IV-VI thin films on PbTe(001): An ab initio study. Physical Review B, 91 (8), 085307.

Hrkac, G., Keatley, P. S., Bryan, M. T. and Butler, K., 2015. Magnetic vortex oscillators. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 48 (45), 453001.

Yoo, S.-H., Butler, K.T., Soon, A., Abbas, A., Walls, J.M. and Walsh, A., 2014. Identification of critical stacking faults in thin-film CdTe solar cells. Applied Physics Letters, 105 (6), 062104.

Hrkac, G., Butler, K., Woodcock, T.G., Saharan, L., Schrefl, T. and Gutfleisch, O., 2014. Modeling of Nd-Oxide Grain Boundary Phases in Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets. JOM, 66 (7), pp. 1138-1143.

Sallis, S., Butler, K.T., Quackenbush, N.F., Williams, D.S., Junda, M., Fischer, D.A., Woicik, J.C., Podraza, N.J., White Jr., B.E., Walsh, A. and Piper, L.F.J., 2014. Origin of deep subgap states in amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide:Chemically disordered coordination of oxygen. Applied Physics Letters, 104 (23), 232108.

Brivio, F., Butler, K. T., Walsh, A. and Van Schilfgaarde, M., 2014. Relativistic quasiparticle self-consistent electronic structure of hybrid halide perovskite photovoltaic absorbers. Physical Review B : Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 89 (15), 155204.

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Walsh, A. and Butler, K. T., 2014. Prediction of electron energies in metal oxides. Accounts of Chemical Research, 47 (2), pp. 364-372.

Butler, K. T., Hendon, C. H. and Walsh, A., 2014. Electronic structure modulation of metal-organic frameworks for hybrid devices. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6 (24), pp. 22044-22050.

Hrkac, G., Woodcock, T. G., Butler, K. T., Saharan, L., Bryan, M. T., Schrefl, T. and Gutfleisch, O., 2014. Impact of different Nd-rich crystal-phases on the coercivity of Nd–Fe–B grain ensembles. Scripta Materialia, 70 (1), pp. 35-38.

Svensson, A. M., Olibet, S., Rudolph, D., Cabrera, E., Friis, J., Butler, K. and Harding, J., 2014. Contact resistance of screen printed ag-contacts to si emitters:Mathematical modeling and microstructural characterization. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 161 (8), E3180-E3187.

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