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Milner, S. and Parsons, N., eds., 2003. Reinventing France. State and Society in the Twenty-First Century. Palgrave Macmillan. (French Politics, Society and Culture Series)

Book Sections

Milner, S., 2017. France. Economy. In: Western Europe 2017, (19th ed.). London, U. K.: Routledge, 241 – 246.

Milner, S., 2016. Trade unions and work-life balance:the impact of the Great Recession in France and the UK. In: Lewis, S., Kinloch Anderson, D., Lyonette, C., Payne, N. and Wood, S., eds. Work-Life Balance in Times of Recession, Austerity and Beyond. Routledge, pp. 93-111. (Routledge Research in Employment Relations)

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Milner, S., 2010. A la recherche des nouveaux peres...Exploring representations of fatherhood in Elle (France) and Red (UK). In: Cone, A. and Marley, D., eds. The Francophone Women's Magazine: Outside and Inside of France. University Press of the South, pp. 153-168.

Milner, S., 2010. Social policy and France's 'exceptional' social model. In: Chafer, T. and Emmanuel, G., eds. The End of the French Exception? Decline and Revival of the 'French Model'. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 55-71. (French Politics, Society and Culture Series)

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Gregory, A. and Milner, S., 2005. Les peres a la recherche d'un equilibre entre vie professionnelle et vie familiale. Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales.

Conference or Workshop Items

Milner, S., Pochic, S. and Demilly, H., 2016. Towards negotiated equality?:An analysis of workplace equality plans and agreements in France. In: Work, Employment, and Society 2016 Conference, 2016-09-06.

Milner, S., Baird, M., Cooper, R. and Heron, A., 2016. Gender pay reporting: mechanisms, institutions and organisational change. In: 9th Biennial conference Gender Work Organization, 2016-06-28 - 2016-07-01, Keele University.

Milner, S., Mathers, A. and Taylor, G., 2015. Beyond 'Europhilia vs Euroscepticism'? UK unions and the EU in comparative perspective. In: Critical Labour Studies 11th Annual Symposium, 2014-02-28 - 2015-03-01, Ruskin College.

Chawla-Duggan, R. and Milner, S., 2013. Father involvement in young children's care and education:exploring boundaries and starting conversations. In: British Sociological Association Annual Conference, 2013-04-03 - 2013-04-05.

Chawla-Duggan, R. and Milner, S., 2013. Father's Friday:working with a local authority on a parenting initiative. In: Planning for Impact Workshop, University of Bath, 2013-03-14.

Chawla-Duggan, R. and Milner, S., 2013. New Approaches to Outreach and Parental Engagement. In: Daycare Trust Annual Conference, 2012-12-04.

Chawla-Duggan, R. and Milner, S., 2012. Father's Friday. In: Bath & N. E. Somerset Head Teachers' Conference, 2012-11-22 - 2012-11-23.

Non-academic press

Cookson, R., Vignoles, A., Harris, C., Perraton, J. and Milner, S., 2015. Manifesto check:UKIP’s top policies. The Conversation

Street, A., Harris, C., Steedman, H., Clacher, I., McNally, S., Milner, S. and Tayler, W., 2015. Manifesto check:the Conservatives' top policies. The Conversation


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