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Walton, O., 2016. Timing and sequencing of post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding in Sri Lanka. In: Langer, A. and Brown, G., eds. Building Sustainable Peace. Oxford, U. K.: Oxford University Press.

Walton, O., 2015. Sri Lanka. In: Dubnick, M. J. and Bearfield, D. A., eds. Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (3rd ed.).3rd ed. London, U. K.: Routledge.

Walton, O. E., 2014. Dealing with authoritarian regimes. In: Handbook on Humanitarian Action. London, U. K.: Routledge.

Walton, O., 2013. 'Everything is Politics’:understanding the political dimensions of NGO legitimacy in conflict-affected regions. In: Brown, R. A. and Pierce, J., eds. Charities in the Non-Western World. Abingdon, U.K.: Routledge, p. 19. (Routledge Charities Studies Series)

Goodhand, J. and Walton, O., 2011. Public vs private power:Non-Governmental Organizations and international security. In: McKercher, B. J. C., ed. Routledge Handbook of Diplomacy and Statecraft. Oxford, U. K.: Routledge.

Walton, O. and Sarravanmuttu, P., 2010. In the balance:civil society and the peace process 2002-2008. In: Goodhand, J., Korf, B. and Spencer, J., eds. Conflict and peacebuilding in Sri Lanka. Oxford, U. K.: Routledge. (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series)


Walton, O., 2017. Beyond disaster framing: exploring multi-mandate INGOs’ representations of conflict. Third World Quarterly Item availability may be restricted.

Goodhand, J. and Walton, O., 2017. The Tangled Politics of Postwar Justice in Sri Lanka. Current History, 116 (789), pp. 130-135.

Goodhand, J., Klem, B. and Walton, O., 2017. Mediating the margins: the role of brokers and the Eastern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka’s post-war transition. Third World Thematics Item availability may be restricted.

Walton, O., Davies, T., Thrandardottir, E. and Keating, V., 2016. Understanding contemporary challenges to INGO legitimacy:integrating top-down and bottom-up perspectives. Voluntas, 27 (6), 2764–2786.

Goodhand, J. and Walton, O., 2009. The limits of liberal peacebuilding? International engagement in the Sri Lankan peace process. Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 3 (3), pp. 303-323.

Walton, O., 2008. Conflict, peacebuilding and NGO legitimacy:National NGOs in Sri Lanka1, Analysis. Conflict, Security & Development, 8 (1), pp. 133-167.


Walton, O., 2012. Why legitimacy matters to NGO peacebuilding.Vol. 5. International Development Department, University of Birmingham.

Walton, O., 2010. Youth, armed violence and job creation:a rapid mapping study. University of Birmingham and Norssk resurssenter for fredsbygging.


Walton, O., 2010. Negotiating war and the liberal peace:national NGOs' legitimacy and the politics of peacebuilding in Sri Lanka 2006-7. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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