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Diezmann, S., 2014. The Candida albicans Hsp90 Chaperone Network is Environmentally Flexible and Evolutionarily Divergent. In: Houry, W., ed. The Molecular Chaperones Interaction Networks in Protein Folding and Degradation. Springer, pp. 185-206.


O'Meara, T., Veri, A., Polvi, E., Li, X., Valaei, S., Diezmann, S. and Cowen, L. E., 2016. Mapping the Hsp90 Genetic Network Reveals Ergosterol Biosynthesis and Phosphatidylinositol-4-Kinase Signaling as Core Circuitry Governing Cellular Stress. Plos Genetics, 12 (6), e1006142.

Singh-Babak, S.D., Babak, T., Diezmann, S., Hill, J. A., Xie, J. L., Chen, Y.-L., Poutanen, S. M., Rennie, R. P., Heitman, J. and Cowen, L. E., 2012. Global analysis of the evolution and mechanism of echinocandin resistance in Candida glabrata. PLoS Pathogens, 8 (5), e1002718.

Diezmann, S., Michaut, M., Shapiro, R. S., Bader, G. D. and Cowen, L. E., 2012. Mapping the Hsp90 genetic interaction network in Candida albicans reveals environmental contingency and rewired circuitry. Plos Genetics, 8 (3), e1002562.

Al-Jawabreh, A., Diezmann, S., Müller, M., Wirth, T., Schnur, L.F., Strelkova, M.V., Kovalenko, D.A., Razakov, S.A., Schwenkenbecher, J., Kuhls, K. and Schönian, G., 2008. Identification of geographically distributed sub-populations of Leishmania (Leishmania) major by microsatellite analysis. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 8, 183.

Fraser, J.A., Lim, S.M., Diezmann, S., Wenink, E.C., Arndt, C.G., Cox, G.M., Dietrich, F.S. and Heitman, J., 2006. Yeast diversity sampling on the San Juan Islands reveals no evidence for the spread of the Vancouver Island Cryptococcus gattii outbreak to this locale. FEMS Yeast Research, 6 (4), pp. 620-624.

Fraser, J. A., Giles, S. S., Wenink, E. C., Geunes-Boyer, S. G., Wright, J. R., Diezmann, S., Allen, A., Stajich, J. E., Dietrich, F. S., Perfect, J. R. and Heitman, J., 2005. Same-sex mating and the origin of the Vancouver Island Cryptococcus gattii outbreak. Nature, 437 (7063), pp. 1360-1364.

Diezmann, S., Cox, C. J., Schönian, G., Vilgalys, R. J. and Mitchell, T. G., 2004. Phylogeny and evolution of medical species of candida and related taxa:A multigenic analysis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 42 (12), pp. 5624-5635.

Fraser, J.A., Diezmann, S., Subaran, R. L., Allen, A., Lengeler, K. B., Dietrich, F.S. and Heitman, J., 2004. Convergent evolution of chromosomal sex-determining regions in the animal and fungal kingdoms. PLoS Biology, 2 (12), e384.

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