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Clough, A. J., Skelton, J. M., Downes, C. A., De La Rosa, A. A., Yoo, J. W., Walsh, A., Melot, B. C. and Marinescu, S. C., 2017. Metallic Conductivity in a Two-Dimensional Cobalt Dithiolene Metal-Organic Framework. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139 (31), pp. 10863-10867. Item availability may be restricted.

Skelton, J. M., Burton, L. A., Jackson, A., Oba, F., Parker, S. C. and Walsh, A., 2017. Lattice dynamics of the tin sulphides SnS2, SnS and Sn2S3:vibrational spectra and thermal transport. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 (19), pp. 12452-12465.

Skelton, J. M., Burton, L. A., Oba, F. and Walsh, A., 2017. Chemical and Lattice Stability of the Tin Sulfides. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (12), pp. 6446-6454.


Al-Balushi, R. A., Haque, A., Jayapal, M., Al-Suti, M. K., Husband, J., Khan, M. S., Skelton, J. M., Molloy, K. C. and Raithby, P. R., 2016. Impact of the alkyne substitution pattern and metalation on the photoisomerization of azobenzene-based platinum(II) diynes and polyynes. Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (21), pp. 10955-10967.

Al-Balushi, R. A., Haque, A., Maharaja, J., Al-Suti, M. K., Husband, J., Khan, M. S., Skelton, J., Molloy, K. C. and Raithby, P. R., 2016. The impact of the alkyne substitution pattern and metalation on the photo-isomerization of azobenzene-based platinum(II) diynes and polyynes. Inorganic Chemistry, 55 (21), 10955–10967.

Leguy, A. M. A., Goñi, A. R., Frost, J. M., Skelton, J., Brivio, F., Rodríguez-Martínez, X., Weber, O. J., Pallipurath, A., Alonso, M. I., Campoy-Quiles, M., Weller, M. T., Nelson, J., Walsh, A. and Barnes, P. R. F., 2016. Dynamic disorder, phonon lifetimes, and the assignment of modes to the vibrational spectra of methylammonium lead halide perovskites. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Skelton, J., Burton, L., Parker, S., Walsh, A., Kim, C.-e., Soon, A., Buckeridge, J., Sokol, A. A., Catlow, C. R. A., Togo, A. and Tanaka, I., 2016. Anharmonicity in the High-Temperature Cmcm Phase of SnSe: Soft Modes and Three-Phonon Interactions. Physical Review Letters, 117, 075502.

Whittles, T. J., Burton, L. A., Skelton, J. M., Walsh, A., Veal, T. D. and Dhanak, V. R., 2016. Band alignments, valence bands, and core levels in the tin sulfides SnS, SnS2, and Sn2S3:Experiment and Theory. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (11), 3718–3726.

Raithby, P., Molloy, K., Skelton, J., Koentjoro, O. F., Al-balushi, R. A., Haque, A., Maharaja, J., Al-Suti, M. K., Husband, J. and Khan, M. S., 2016. Experimental and theoretical investigation for level of conjugation in carbazole-based precursors and their mono-,di- and polynuclear Pt(II) complexes. Inorganic Chemistry

Bristow, J., Svane, K., Tiana, D., Skelton, J., Gale, J. D. and Walsh, A., 2016. Free Energy of Ligand Removal in the Metal-Organic Framework UiO-66. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120 (17), pp. 9276-9281.

Burton, L. A., Whittles, T. J., Hesp, D., Linhart, W. M., Skelton, J. M., Hou, B., Webster, R. F., O'Dowd, G., Reece, C., Cherns, D., Fermín, D. J., Veal, T. D., Dhanak, V. R. and Walsh, A., 2016. Electronic and optical properties of single crystal SnS2:an earth-abundant disulfide photocatalyst. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4 (4), pp. 1312-1318.


Pallipurath, A., Skelton, J., Bucklow, S. and Elliott, S., 2015. A chemometric study of ageing in lead-based paints. Talanta, 144, pp. 977-985.

Pallipurath, A., Skelton, J. M., Delori, A., Duffy, C., Erxleben, A. and Jones, W., 2015. Crystalline adducts of the Lawsone molecule (2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthaquinone): optical properties and computational modelling. CrystEngComm, 17 (40), pp. 7684-7692.

Pallipurath, A. R., Skelton, J. M., Warren, M. R., Kamali, N., McArdle, P. and Erxleben, A., 2015. Sulfamerazine:understanding the influence of slip-planes in polymorphic phase-transformation through X-ray crystallographic studies and ab initio lattice dynamics. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 12 (10), 3735–3748.

Skelton, J., Loke, D., Lee, T. and Elliott, S., 2015. Ab initio molecular-dynamics simulation of neuromorphic computing in phase-change memory materials. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7 (26), 14223–14230.

Skelton, J. M., Lee, T. H. and Elliott, S. R., 2015. Ab initio molecular-dynamics simulations of doped phase-change materials. In: Massobrio, C., Du, J., Bernasconi, M. and Salmon, P. S., eds. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Disordered Materials. Springer, pp. 441-456. (Springer Series in Materials Science; 215)

Kim, C. E., Skelton, J. M., Walsh, A. and Soon, A., 2015. Solid-state chemistry of glassy antimony oxides. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 3 (43), pp. 11349-11356.


Skelton, J., Pallipurath, A., Lee, T. and Elliott, S., 2014. Atomistic Origin of the Enhanced Crystallization Speed and n-Type Conductivity in Bi-doped Ge-Sb-Te Phase-Change Materials. Advanced Functional Materials, 24 (46), p. 7291.

Pallipurath, A., Vȍfély, R. V., Skelton, J., Ricciardi, P., Bucklow, S. and Elliott, S., 2014. Estimating the concentrations of pigments and binders in lead-based paints using FT-Raman spectroscopy and principal component analysis. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 45 (11-12), pp. 1272-1278.

Loke, D., Skelton, J.M., Wang, W.-J., Lee, T.-H., Zhao, R., Chong, T.-C. and Elliott, S.R., 2014. Ultrafast phase-change logic device driven by melting processes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (37), pp. 13272-13277.

Pallipurath, A., Nicoletti, O., Skelton, J., Mahajan, S., Midgley, P. and Elliott, S., 2014. Surfactant-free coating of thiols on gold nanoparticles using sonochemistry: A study of competing processes. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 21 (5), pp. 1886-1892.

Skelton, J., 2014. The Effect of DFT Functional on the Structural and Thermal Properties of PbS and PbTe. In: RSC Solid State Chemistry Group Easter Meeting 2014, 2014-04-14 - 2014-04-16, The Kavli Royal Society International Centre.

Loke, D., Skelton, J.M., Law, L.-T., Wang, W.-J., Li, M.-H., Song, W.-D., Lee, T.-H. and Elliott, S.R., 2014. Guest-cage atomic interactions in a clathrate-based phase-change material. Advanced Materials, 26 (11), pp. 1725-1730.

Driscoll, R., Wolverson, D., Mitchels, J. M., Skelton, J., Parker, S., Molinari, M., Khan, I., Geeson, D. and Allen, G. C., 2014. A Raman spectroscopic study of uranyl minerals from Cornwall, UK. RSC Advances, 4 (103), 59137–59149.


Skelton, J. M. and Walsh, A., 2013. Exploring the Lattice Dynamics of the Lead Chalcogenides. In: RSC Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting 2013, 2013-12-18 - 2013-12-19, University of Bath.



Skelton, J., 2011. Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Phase Change Materials. In: 10th International Conference on Materials Chemistry, 2011-07-04 - 2011-07-07.

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