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Gural'skiy, I.'y. A., Golub, B. O., Shylin, S. I., Ksenofontov, V., Shepherd, H. J., Raithby, P. R., Tremel, W. and Fritsky, I. O., 2016. Cooperative high-temperature spin crossover accompanied by a highly anisotropic structural distortion. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016 (19), pp. 3191-3195.

Kershaw Cook, L. J., Shepherd, H. J., Comyn, T. P., Baldé, C., Cespedes, O., Chastanet, G. and Halcrow, M. A., 2015. Decoupled spin crossover and structural phase transition in a molecular iron(II) complex. Chemistry - A European Journal, 21 (12), pp. 4805-4816.

Woodall, C. H., Fuertes Lorda, S., Beavers, C. M., Hatcher, L. E., Parlett, A., Shepherd, H. J., Christensen, J., Teat, S. J., Intissar, M., Rodrigue-Witchel, A., Suffren, Y., Reber, C., Hendon, C. H., Tiana, D., Walsh, A. and Raithby, P. R., 2014. Tunable trimers:using temperature and pressure to control luminescent emission in gold(i) pyrazolate-based trimers. Chemistry - A European Journal, 20 (51), pp. 16933-16942.

Kulmaczewski, R., Shepherd, H. J., Cespedes, O. and Halcrow, M. A., 2014. A Homologous Series of [Fe(H2Bpz2)2(L)] Spin-Crossover Complexes with Annelated Bipyridyl Co-Ligands. Inorganic Chemistry, 53 (18), pp. 9809-9817.

Gural'Skiy, I.A., Quintero, C.M., Costa, J.S., Demont, P., Molnár, G., Salmon, L., Shepherd, H.J. and Bousseksou, A., 2014. Spin crossover composite materials for electrothermomechanical actuators. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2 (16), pp. 2949-2955.

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