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Perera, S., Chew, J., Alsharif, A. and Lukyanov, D., 2016. The influence of bore fluid concentration on porous structure in a 13X zeolite adsorbent hollow fibre for gas separation. In: Saudi conference 14-15th February 2016, Scientific Society for Saudi Arabia (organized by the University of Birmingham in the UK), 2016-02-14 - 2016-02-15, Saudi conference 14-15th February, 2016, Scientific Society for Saudi Arabia (organized by the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Foo, R., Vazhnova, T., Lukyanov, D. B., Millington, P., Collier, J., Rajaram, R. and Golunski, S., 2015. Formation of reactive Lewis acid sites on Fe/WO3–ZrO2 catalysts for higher temperature SCR applications. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 162, pp. 174-179.

Lukyanov, D. B., Vazhnova, T., Cherkasov, N., Casci, J. L. and Birtill, J. J., 2014. Insights into Brønsted acid sites in the zeolite mordenite. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (41), pp. 23918-23929.

Lukyanov, D. B. and Vazhnova, T., 2011. Transformation of methane over platinum supported catalysts at moderate temperature. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 342-343, pp. 1-5.

Kagansky, A., Freeman, L., Lukyanov, D. and Strunnikov, A., 2004. Histone Tail-independent Chromatin Binding Activity of Recombinant Cohesin Holocomplex. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279 (5), pp. 3382-3388.

Lukyanov, D. B. and Vazhnova, T., 2001. Dehydroisomerisation of n-butane into isobutene over Ga-containing zeolite catalysts. Special Publication - Royal Society of Chemistry, 266 (Supported Catalysts ), pp. 188-195.

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