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Foo, R., Vazhnova, T., Lukyanov, D. B., Millington, P., Collier, J., Rajaram, R. and Golunski, S., 2015. Formation of reactive Lewis acid sites on Fe/WO3–ZrO2 catalysts for higher temperature SCR applications. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 162, pp. 174-179.

Lukyanov, D. B., Vazhnova, T., Cherkasov, N., Casci, J. L. and Birtill, J. J., 2014. Insights into Brønsted acid sites in the zeolite mordenite. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (41), pp. 23918-23929.

Lukyanov, D. B. and Vazhnova, T., 2011. Transformation of methane over platinum supported catalysts at moderate temperature. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 342-343, pp. 1-5.

Kagansky, A., Freeman, L., Lukyanov, D. and Strunnikov, A., 2004. Histone Tail-independent Chromatin Binding Activity of Recombinant Cohesin Holocomplex. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279 (5), pp. 3382-3388.

Lukyanov, D. B. and Vazhnova, T., 2001. Dehydroisomerisation of n-butane into isobutene over Ga-containing zeolite catalysts. Special Publication - Royal Society of Chemistry, 266 (Supported Catalysts ), pp. 188-195.

Conference or Workshop Items

Perera, S., Chew, J., Alsharif, A. and Lukyanov, D., 2016. The influence of bore fluid concentration on porous structure in a 13X zeolite adsorbent hollow fibre for gas separation. In: Saudi conference 14-15th February 2016, Scientific Society for Saudi Arabia (organized by the University of Birmingham in the UK), 2016-02-14 - 2016-02-15, Saudi conference 14-15th February, 2016, Scientific Society for Saudi Arabia (organized by the University of Birmingham in the UK.

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