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Breakwell, G. M., ed., 1983. Threatened Identities. Chichester, U. K.: Wiley.

Cento Bull, A., 1983. Capitalismo e fascismo di fronte alla crisi. Industria e società bergamasca, 1923-1937. Italy: Bergamo. (Collana di storia)

Williamson, A. P. and Room, G., 1983. Health and welfare states of Britain: An inter-country comparison. London: Heinemann.

Book Sections

Breakwell, G. M., 1983. Moralities and conflicts. In: Weinreich-Haste, H. and Lockett, D., eds. Morality in the Making. Chichester, U. K.: Wiley, pp. 231-244. (Wiley Series in Developmental Psychology)

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Judge, K., Knapp, M., Williams, A. and Wright, K., 1983. Resource implications of community care options in DHSS. In: Elderly People in the Community: their service needs. HMSO, pp. 169-191.


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Forsyth, M., 1983. Theme and variations : approaches to auditorium design. Architects' Journal, 1983 (8), pp. 49-53.

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Room, G., 1983. The action projects in the European poverty programme: Strategies, obstacles and lessons for the future. Revue des Communautes Europeenes

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Thompson, J. M. T. and Hunt, G. W., 1983. On the Buckling and Imperfection-Sensitivity of Arches with and without Prestress. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 19 (5), pp. 445-459.

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Lawson, C., 1983. The impact of external debt on the domestic economies of CMEA states. Working Paper. University of Bath.

Conference or Workshop Items

Edge, K. A. and Bowns, D. E., 1983. Methods for characterising the fluid borne noise generated by positive displacement pumps. In: National Conference on Fluid Power, U.S.A. 39th Annual Meeting, 1983-12-01, Los Angeles, CA.


Hanson, J. B., 1983. A graphics design system for artists. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

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