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Breakwell, G. M., Foot, H. and Gilmour, R., eds., 1988. Doing Social Psychology:Laboratory and Field Exercises Instructors Manual. Cambridge University Press.

Breakwell, G. M., Foot, H. and Gilmour, R., eds., 1988. Doing Social Psychology:Laboratory and Field Exercises.Vol. 1988. Cambridge University Press.

Renshaw, J., Knapp, M., Judge, K. and Hampson, R., 1988. Care in the community: The first steps. Gower.

Book Sections

Abbott, J. A., Bradford, R. J. and Davenport, J., 1988. Factorisation of polynomials:old ideas and recent results. In: Rainer, J., ed. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Trends in Computer Algebra. London, UK: Springer, pp. 81-91.

Fitch, J. P., 1988. A Loosely Coupled Parallel LISP Execution System. In: Design and Application of Parallel Digital Processors, 1988., International Specialist Seminar on the.Vol. 298. IEE, pp. 128-133. (IEE Conference Publication)

Judge, K., 1988. Public expenditure, privatisation and the welfare state in Britain. In: Morris, R., ed. Testing the limits of social welfare : International perspectives on policy changes in nine countries. Hanover, NH: University of New England Press, pp. 39-59.


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McHugh, N. J., Csuka, M., Watson, H., Belcher, G., Amadi, A., Ring, E. F., Black, C. M. and Maddison, P. J., 1988. Infusion of iloprost, a prostacyclin analogue, for treatment of Raynaud's phenomenon in systemic sclerosis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 47 (1), pp. 43-47.

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Bennett, J.P., Davenport, J.H. and Sauro, H.M., 1988. Solution of Some Equations in Biochemistry. University of Bath.

Conference or Workshop Items

Masuku, E. S. and Mileham, A. R., 1988. Automatic moulding orientation heuristics in mould design for injection moulding. In: Proc 3rd International conference onManufacturing Processes, Systema and Operations Management in Less Industrialised Regions, 1998-04-01.

Ozkirim, M. and Mileham, A. R., 1988. An approach to a flexible group technology system using some heuristic procedures. In: Proc 5th National Conference on Manufacturing Research - Advances in Manufacturing Technology IV, 1989-01-01.

Robinson, F. and Williams, B. W., 1988. Minimising snubbers for high-current emitter-switched transistors. In: 19th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference PESC 1988, 1988-04-11 - 1988-09-14. Kyoto, Japan: IEEE, pp. 797-804.

Robinson, F. and Williams, B., 1988. Active-Snubbing Or Passive-Snubbing for Fast Switches? In: 14th Annual Conference of Industrial Electronics Society, 1988. IECON 1988, 1988-10-24 - 1988-10-27. Singapore: IEEE, pp. 617-622.

Robinson, F. and Williams, B., 1988. Optimising snubbers for high-current emitter-switched transistors. In: Third International Conference on Power Electronics and Variable-Speed Drives, 1988-09-13 - 1988-09-15. London, UK: IET, pp. 177-180.


Davies, J. G., Brian John, M. and Staniforth, J., 1988. Compositions for Treating Contact Lenses. A61L12/14- WO8808309 (A1), 03 November 1988.

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