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Brooks, W. and Campion, E. J., eds., 1990. Bellérophon, Philippe Quinault, édition critique. Droz. (Textes littéraires français)

Breakwell, G. M., 1990. Interviewing. BPS Blackwell. (Problems in Practice)

Book Sections

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Breakwell, G. M., 1990. Mobilising others. In: Breakwell, G. M., ed. Encyclopedia of Personal Relationships.Vol. 17. New York, U. S. A.: Marshall Cavendish, pp. 2132-2139.

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Conference or Workshop Items

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Davies, J. G., Brian John, M., Rees, J. and Staniforth, J., 1990. Reinigung Und/Oder Desinfektion Von Kontaktlinsen. A61L2/18- AT57473 (T), 15 November 1990.

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