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Dyson, T., Aslam, M. W., Rauxloh, R. and Aaronson, M., eds., 2014. Forthcoming. Precision-Strike Technology and International Intervention: Strategic, Legal and Moral Implications. Routledge.

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Aish, F., Joyce, S., Malek, S. and Williams, C.J.K., 2014. Forthcoming. The use of a particle method for the modelling of isotropic membrane stress for the form finding of shell structures. Computer-Aided Design

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Bain, G., Gregg, P., Manning, A., McKnight, A., Mumford, K., Philpott, J., Plunkett, J., Smith, N. and Wilson, T., 2014. More than a minimum : The resolution foundation review of the future of the national minimum wage: The final report. Other. Resolution Foundation.

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Barratt Hacking, E. C., Jones, G. M., Martin, S. and Webber, P., 2014. From trainee to newly qualified teacher : Drivers and barriers to using ePortfolios as an NQT. In: ePIC, 2011-07-11 - 2011-07-13, London.

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Betts, J., Richardson, J. D., Chowdhury, E., Holman, G. D., Tsintzas, K. and Thompson, D., 2014. Forthcoming. The causal role of breakfast in energy balance and health : A randomized controlled trial in lean adults. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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Calderon, A., Hinds, J. and Johnson, P., 2014. Forthcoming. IntCris : A tool for enhanced communication and collective decision-making during crises.

Calderon, A., Hinds, J. and Johnson, P., 2014. A tool for enhancing interactions during crises and aiding collective decision-making. Other. Department of Computer Science, University of Bath.

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Campos, J., Hintermair, U., Brewster, T. P., Takase, M. K. and Crabtree, R. H., 2014. Catalyst Activation by Loss of Cyclopentadienyl Ligands in Hydrogen Transfer Catalysis with Cp*IrIII Complexes. ACS Catalysis, 4, pp. 973-985.

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