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Allen, P., 2018. Forthcoming. The Political Class:Why It Matters Who Our Politicians Are. Oxford University Press.

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Hart, V., 2018. Vitruvius and English Architecture up to 'Vitruvius Britannicus’. In: Ingrid, R. and Bell, S., eds. Companion to the Reception of Vitruvius. Brill Academic Publishers.

Hartmann, A., Aijo, J., Roehrich, K., Hess, R., Altamirano, M. and Bles, T., 2018. Procurement of Road Maintenance: Between knowledge loss and efficiency gains.

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Huang, J., 2018. Forthcoming. Translanguaging in and around a Birmingham Chinese Complementary School: Ideology and Identity. In: Translanguaging as Everyday Practice. Springer. (Multilingual Education)


Iatridis, K. and Kesidou, E., 2018. What Drives the Quality of Certifiable Management System Standards Implementation? Insights from the ISO 9001 Standard. In: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and New Management Standards. Springer. (Measuring Operations Performance)


Lauder, H., Brown, P. and Cheung, S. Y., 2018. Forthcoming. Fractures in the education-economy relationship:The end of the skill bias research programme? Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 34 (2).


Matthies, K., Stone, G. R. and Theil, F., 2018. The derivation of the linear Boltzmann equation from a Rayleigh gas particle model. Kinetic and Related Models, 11 (1), 14450. Item availability may be restricted.

McDonagh, P., Kilbourne, W. and Prothero, A., 2018. Forthcoming. Sustainable consumption, consumer culture and the politics of a megatrend. In: Kravets, O., MacLaren, P., Miles, S. and Venkatesh, A., eds. The SAGE Handbook of Consumer Culture. London, U. K.: Sage Publishing.

Moore, S., Evans, M. and Johnstone, H., 2018. Forthcoming. Detecting the Social: Crime Fiction since 1970. Palgrave Macmillan.

Muter, I., İlker Birbil, Ş. and Bülbül, K., 2018. Benders Decomposition and Column-and-Row Generation for Solving Large-Scale Linear Programs with Column-Dependent-Rows. European Journal of Operational Research, 264 (1), pp. 29-45. Item availability may be restricted.


Nearchou, A., Raithby, P. and Sartbaeva, A., 2018. Systematic approaches towards template-free synthesis of EMT-type zeolites. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 255, pp. 261-270. Item availability may be restricted.



Westgate, P., Paine, K. and Ball, R., 2018. Physical and mechanical properties of plasters incorporating aerogel granules and polypropylene monofilament fibres. Construction and Building Materials, 158, pp. 472-480. Item availability may be restricted.

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